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After a week in military prison: Emad Soliman and Mohamed Abdel-Ghany Mohamed El-Saeed Paralyzed owing to torture

The undersigned organizations holds Field Marshal Tantawi, Head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and Major General Hamdy Badeen, the Head of the Military Police responsible for what happened to Emad Soliman Hussien and Mohamed Abdel ghany Mohamed Elsaeed who were arrested while in an event of Iftar (breaking their fast) in Tahrir Square on August 5, and they were subjected on the same day with others to military prosecution which ordered to extend their detention for eight days.

Today they were supposed to appear before the prosecution once again in the session of renewal, but they were unable to attend because of:-

 Mohamed Abdel-Ghani Mohamed Elsaeed (18 years): suffering from a broken spine and a herniated disc and unable to move.
 Emad Suleiman Hassan (27 years): suffering from involuntary movements of the head and an inability to move.

Both Mohamed and Emad were severely beaten during the disengagement of the Iftar (breaking fast) done by the military police and central security on Friday, August 5, yet they were able to stand for prosecution despite their apparent abrasions,wounds and bruises according to eye witnesses.

After the decision of extending their detention, they were both transferred along with others to the notorious military prison, which is closed to inspection or monitoring and where dozens before where subjected to brutal and horrific torture.

Today; neither of them were able to appear before the military prosecution as they became incapable of movement. Mohamed AbdelGhany’s reported that his body was plastered with bruises and wounds.

The signatory organizations of this statement:-

 Call for the immediate release of all detainees in military prison and those convicted in military courts despite being civilians and having the right to appear before a natural judge in a trial which meets all the conditions of a fair trial
 Condemn violence and torture, of which attests to its horror and brutality all those who entered the military prison or who were arrested by military police in the course of the revolution and the days that followed until today
 Hold the Military Council and the Military Police represented in their chairmen responsible for the safety and lives of Emad and Mohamed and all other prisoners and for the violation of law in military prison
 Demand immediate transfer of both Emad Soliman  and Mohamed Abdel-Ghani Mohamed AlSaeed to a highly equipped civilian hospital  and for them to receive treatment at the state’s expense.
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