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Torture and electrocution for Mahmoud for protesting to the verbal harassment of his daughter by a police officer

In the afternoon of Thursday the 2nd of July, Mahmoud Ramadan Rizk was with his son Ramadan (10 years old) and his daughter Asma’a (14 years old) next to the school of Agriculture in Shobra, when a blue police car passed by, that had four men inside, including one police officer who started verbally harrassing the young girl. The father objected to this, which resulted in the police officer getting out of the care and there was a tense arguement between the two. it ended with the police officer warning the father that he will make him hate himself.

The father did not want this incident to ruin their day and the family continued their outing. On their way home the father noticed the officer with a number of men and worried for his daughter, he asked his brother Antar Ramadan Rizk to take her home. The father’s fears were confirmed, as he was soon surrounded by police officers. They arrested him and his young son.

The son recalls the details of the events:

“When we were on our way back we got worried. My sister called my uncle and he came and picked her up. Right after that another police car came and they arrested me and my father. In the police station ( Shobra police station number one), they hit my father with their hands. They kept hitting him for about half an hour. They also electrocuted him with a wire on his back and legs. He was screaming and I was crying. Someone came and took me out for a while and when I came back in they took my father and me to a room (here the child was introduced to two of the men who were in the police car they are Ali Al-Shimi from the investigation section and Officer Ahmed Moussa) and we sate there until ten PM.

At Ten PM the boy was released. Antar Ramadan Rizk, Mahmoud’s brother recounts:

“I went to the police station at 9PM to take Ramadan. Somebody met me downstairs and scared from going inside on threat of arrest. He told me I’ll bring you someone who can give you the child. He brought me Ali Al-Shimi. He asked me to stand far away from the station and to give him 100LE. He took it and later sent me the boy with someone else”

In his complaint Antar says:

“They arrested him and took him to the police station where they hit him and electrocuted him and tortured him. The effect of this torture is that he lost consciousness and became hysterical. They also kicked him in the stomach, the result of which is stomach problems and continuos vomiting. They also trumped up charges of him dealing the painkiller “Tramadol” as a recreational drug.

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