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Domestic Violence Survivors

Declaration to the S.G. of the Arab League

Cairo 22/6/2013, His Excellency the Secretary General of the Arab League, The below mentioned feminist and human rights organizations have expressed indignation at the announcement of the 9 month jail sentence and the travel bans placed on Saudi activists Fawzeya el Awani and Wageeha el Heweedar. The accusation was that they assisted a Canadian woman who was married to a Saudi man, to escape a situation of domestic violence that included her and her children being withheld food for several days. The activists attempted to…

Live testimonies on sexual torture in Tahrir Square and surrounding neighborhoods

Testimonies from January 2013 Testimonies from November 2012 Testimonies of youth protecting others from sexual harassment Segments of pre-released documents related to sexual torture in Tahrir Square Amnesty International Report Paper of the situation from Nazra for feminist studies Introduction We present in this compendium a number of testimonies from survivors of sexual torture in the vicinity of Tahrir Square. The testimonies have been collected from a number of websites, as well as from testimonies collected by…

Draft Law For The Protection Of Women Against Domestic Violence

To sign a petition for this law, click here. To dowload a PDF version of the draft law, click here. Summary Since sexual discrimination is still embedded in culture, law and social relations; Since education is still reproducing discriminatory thought; Since unenlightened and discriminatory thinking have been able to penetrate our society and culture up to the deepest roots; Since the achievement of equality between members of society necessitates the participation of all actors in the fate of its structure; This draft law