El Nadeem Center against Violence and Torture

Diaries of Torture – July 2010

Egyptian Task-force against Torture

Excerpts from the testimony of a survivor held in Madinet Nasr SSI headquarters:

They handcuffed me for 60 continuous days, even when I was asleep.. they locked me up in a cell, about 30 meters underground.. the officer told me: nobody knows you are here except the minister of interior.. as soon as I entered the place I was met by a reception of abuse that would shame anybody to hear.. they swore at my mother and myself with the most obscene words.. they accused me of several things,, stripped me of my clothes and then ordered me to put them on again.. they handcuffed me again and tightened the blindfold than said from no you are number 2.. forget your name.. they gave me the instructions to follow while I am there.. then they called one of the soldiers and told him get him two blankets and chose them full of fleas and lice.. they brought them.. they also allocated my space.. an area 1.5 m x 60 cm.. where I would put my blanket and sleep while still handcuffed and blindfolded day and night.. I was not interrogated for 7 days.. we were handled by the sergeants.. slapping, kicking, beating with the shoe on our face and we were made to stand for prolonged periods of time that could last 40 continuous hours.. we would hear the numbers being called out.. from 1- 89.. we would hear the screams of the victims days and night.. then the interrogation began and with that the electric shocks.

(from Madinet Nasr file.. to be published)

3 July

  1. A lieutenant aggresses El Shorouk correspondent, verbally abuses him and beats him while covering an accident. The officer was informed of the nature of the correspondent’s profession but continued his aggression. (El Shorouk newspaper)

4 July

  1. Police tortures Mohamed Salah Mahmoud Gharieb, 18 years, toktok driver, when he demanded his transport fee and the sergeants refused to pay. The victim was beaten in the office of chief intelligence officer Tamer Yehia (Beni Ebeid police station-Mansoura) and then thrown from the third floor. Injuries include bruises in the face, fracture knee, compound fracture of hip, fracture pelvis, fracture right wrist, fissured fracture of the skull and concussion. The victim was taken to El Salam hospital and Mansoura. He was charged of driving a toktok without license (N.B. toktok does not require a license) (Nadim files)

5 July

  1. An Italian woman married to a diplomat is beaten by police officers at El Mokkatam police station in favor of a third party: a contractor, who, knowing that her husband was out of the country tried to forcefully occupy her flat. (El Ahram newspaper, front page)
  2. Banha police station torture Said El Sayed Metwalli when he hurried to rescue his daughter who was being harassed by the police to tell about the whereabouts of her brother in law. Metwalli lies in the Banha public hospital, in coma. Source
  3. Hussein Shaban Hussein tortured by beatings, burning with cigarettes and verbal abuse when he inquired about the reason why he was being arrested after midnight from a pavement café. El Dostour.
  4. Message to our website: without introductions I`d better talk mainly in the topic. Today I was in Cairo doing some works. I exited from Ramses train station at 10:00, and I found an officer and two soldiers who were hitting a bareheaded young man so violently at the end of the station. And While blood was covering the young man`s face, they never stopped hitting him with their full strength, and he was not doing anything but calling people for help to get him away from their hands. I was so late on my work so that I could not even catch a photo of such situation, also I was almost alone and uncovered and they can easily see me and would never let me go away, however taking photos anytime and anywhere is a right that`s guaranteed for any citizen. I wanted to do anything to help the young man from those who have no mercy. He`s now in the police station of Ramses, he`s bareheaded man… unfortunately this is all I can remember from the features of his faces because his face and head were covered by blood.

6 July

  1. The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said ,today, that Mossad Abu Fagr, blogger and novelist from Sinai and owner of the blog http://wednane3ish.katib.org/ , is still being held in Egyptian prisons since December 26th , 2007 for opinion pieces critical of the Egyptian government on his blog. Many judicial release decisions were issued for Abu Fagr , but they were rather ineffective ,as the interior ministry has been steadily objecting to these decisions and issuing a series of detention orders to keep the blogger in prison. Source

8 July

  1. Police aggresses and prevents Nadim doctor and lawyers during their visit to Mohamed Salah in Mansura.
  2. Some 6 April activists in Dakahlia said that Mohamed Salah’s mother received some threats from leaders in NDP and the ministry of interior to give up the case against Officer Alaa Zakaria and two other police informers who she accused them of torturing her son in Bani-Ebid police station. The activists said that a former police brigade in the state security, a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections, called Osama Abu El-Magd, is pressing the victim`s family to give up the case for the favor of Officer Alaa Zakaria who stands behind the crime.
  3. Ali Qassem, the uncle of Khaled Said says that the head of the forensic department, Dr. El Sebai Ahmed El Sebai, did not dissect the body, and did not take any samples and all he did was take pictures of the body and later issued exactly the same report as was initially released. (Ammal El Omma)
  4. Message to our website: I`ve been tortured by some of the police officers in the 2nd Shubra El-khema police station. I can`t find a lawyer to accept handling my case, because the lawyers keen on their interests and relations with the police station. It`s also notable to say that I complained the officers and I issued a medical report in the forensic department in Banha. Also, the investigations of SSI assured that I was subjected to torture. Finally, I need El-nadeem center to follow up the case because I`m afraid my right would be lost due to the collusion of the prosecutors with the accused officers.

9 July 2010

  1. The security forces heavily guard the international hospital in Mansura where Mohamed Salah Mahmoud, 18 years, is lying. Mohamed Salah fall down from the third floor of Bani-Ebid police station after he was tortured inside that police station. (Al-dostor).
  2. Mohamed Salah’s family accuses the police of torturing and fabricating an accusation of drug abuse against him. (Al-Dostour).
  3. Ayman Abdel Tawab El Beyali accuses officer and police sergeant in Talkha police station of insulting and beating him while forced face down on the ground when he tried to file a complaint against his neighbor. (El Shoruk)

12 July

  1. Message to our website: I definitely know that if I send this report or announced myself, I will face something that I cannot stand in this age and position. I`m a very peaceful man, 44 years, married and I have 4 children, the oldest is 7 years old. I got bearded 15 years ago and the state security issued a file for me but I haven`t done anything wrong. I heard that there are some free jobs in Sudan, so I extracted a passport and went to Aswan port to travel to Sudan. I was prevented from travelling and told to get back to Cairo and to go to the state security headquarters in Helwan where I live. I went there and they permitted me to see Officer Essam Abdul-Fattah who asked me about my travel without taking his permission, and I answered that I didn`t know that I had to take your permission. Someone was sitting with him in the office; he insulted, cursed my parents, hit me and pulled me violently from my beard till some hair were grabbed in his hand. Also he threatened me of detaining, shocking with electricity and fabricating some accusations to me. He took my passport and warned me not to extract another one instead. That happened 3 years ago and now I`m afraid they can use my passport to do or fabricate something against me; I don`t know what to do and I`m afraid to go there once again. Please help me to abolish this passport… I don`t want to travel anywhere. Thank you.

14 July

  1. Mohamed Salah is now besieged by police in his room in the international hospital in Mansura. A police officer prevents El-nadeem center doctors and lawyers from visiting Mohamed Salah however he`s not demanded or accused of anything and the visit comes in its exact time. The director of the hospital claims that he never knows why the police guards are here! (El-nadeem center).

17 July

  1. Message to our website: the state security carries out daily arrests in Assiut. Last week, they arrested 40 persons without any accusation, and that was completely ignored by the media as the state security horrifies the detainees’ relatives. I know two of the detainees who are arrested in a very violent and horrible way more than a month ago and they are still detained without any accusations. One of them, a state security campaign with two vehicles filled with soldiers carrying rifles directed to his father`s house, searched it violently breaking and damaging the furniture and beds. They arrested his father barefooted and in the sleepwear then directed to the son`s house. They broke the door into the house and when they didn`t find him, they arrested his mother, sisters and his brothers. We hope you can support us because we face a state security that is barbarous and brutal more than any elsewhere in the whole republic. Thank you.

19 July

  1. The security forces assaulted Toson people who are arranging a sit-in in front of the ministry of agriculture after 107 days of their sit-in with a complete ignorance from the officials. The security tried to break the sit-in. at the morning of the day, Toson people were surprised by large forces of the central security attacking them violently, cutting their banners and driving them rapidly out of the place of the sit-in. the problem had begun 3 years ago when Toson people had been driven out of their owned lands by the removal resolution number 957, year 2008 that was contested by Toson people through the lawsuit number 10069, judicial year 1962. However the court decided to stop the execution of the removal resolution, the administration displaced more than 400 families from their homes and lands.

20 July

  1. The activist Waleed Abdul-raouf was arrested and transferred to Al-basateen prosecution. Calls for supporting him in front of the prosecution till his release.
  2. Khaled Mohamed El-sayed Mustafa was assaulted and beaten by four persons; two of them were witnesses in the favor of police in Khaled Said’s case. That happened in Cleopatra at 1 a.m. on Tuesday 20\07\2010, and they did that under the orders of Captain Ahmed Osman. Tamer was injured in the eye and leg hindering him from walking; beside they stole his wallet with his ID. Also they threatened him in order not to witness against Captain Ahmed Osman. Exactly after the accident, Tamer sent a telegraph to the general attorney for the prosecution of appeal demanding his support against Sedi Gaber police station and Captain Ahmed Osman. Tamer also sent a report to the general attorney for Alexandria prosecutions about the assault, complaining against Captain Ahmed Osman and the other accused persons, who were: Sherif, Yasser Abo-aela and Ibrahim El-nono. After then, Tamer went to the Miri hospital in Alexandria and the initial report suspected post-concussion, then he was retained in the hospital emergency section from 2 p.m. till Wednesday morning. He was allowed to go at 1 a.m. after carrying out medical examinations and CT scan. A report was issued taking the number 59 cases, Miri hospital, but his witness was not heard till now, maybe this will happen tomorrow in the prosecution. (El-nadeem center).
  3. State security members called Sheikh Hussein Abdul-Fatah two days ago. Sheikh Hussein in a researcher in the recent cases and Islamic calls, also he`s Hebat Al-Rahman mosque Imam. He was called by state security after he had answered one of the prayers who asked about the feasibility of signing the on the petition statement for change, the Sheikh answered “the statement for change doesn`t call for violating the law… any citizen has the right to express his opinion”. Then newspapers published that he called the prayers to sign on the petition statement of Baradee. (Al-dostor).

21 July

  1. The misdemeanor court of appeals in Kasr Al-Nile sentenced Ahmed Saad Duma (political activist, blogger, and prisoners of conscience committee member) to prison for three months with labor in accusation of assaulting two police officers during a demonstration prepared by Egyptian political forces and some of the MPs protesting the extension of emergency law and the statements that some of the NDP MPs who demanded the police to shoot even peaceful demonstrations. In the demonstration, Ahmed was arrested and a report number 4222\2010 was issued in accusation of participating in a demonstration to break down law, resist the authorities, and to disturb the public opinion in addition to the main accusation of assaulting two police officers and other 13 central security soldiers. After that, the court sentenced him on 22nd of May to prison for 6 months and a 300 L.E. then after the appeal; it was minimized on 21st of July to 3 months.
  2. The former police officer, Mahmoud Kotary, accused the minister of interior, Habib Al-adly, that he instructed Al-agouza hospital officials not make a surgical operation Basant (14 years) trying to force him to give up his criticism against the security and the Egyptian police. Kotary was taking his daughter at morning to operate a surgery to plant a balloon in her stomach, as a way to treat obesity. But the hospital officials postponed the steps which must be taken before the surgery and then one of the officials told Kotary that they would never operate that surgery for his daughter. Then he said to him he behaves like this according to high instructions from the minister of interior to prevent him from receiving treatment in police hospitals. Kotary commented “how can I be prevented from treatment however the ministry would never pay anything?! And where is the money taken from me monthly for health insurance?!” He also confirmed that the prevention is a step trying to force me to give up attacking and unmasking police shameful crimes. But he also confirmed that he’ll never stop what he’s doing to express his opinions on their crimes. For more information, call Mr. Kotary: 012905077, he’s now preparing for a sit-in at the hospital.
  3. A bag-thief, called Mohamed Abdul-hameed, died today in Al-agouza after three police informers had been beating him violently for about half an hour. The dead body was transported to Zeinhum morgue. A security source confirmed that the victim died on the hands of the citizens during they were trying to catch him and not letting him to escape. The source denied any responsibility on any security apparatus. Also, he said that the police members came to the place after the victim had been killed.
  4. Tamer El-sayed, one of the witnesses in Khaled Said, said that he was assaulted by 7 thugs, as he was in the way to visit Khaled Said`s friend family, he was injured him in his hand, head and eye. The victim confirmed, in his telephone intervention with the media interviewer Tamer Matar in Mahatet Masr program, that the thugs were threatening him to get away from the case, and they are still in contact with officers Ahmed Osman and Mohamed Thabet in Seedy Gaber police station. He added that he delivered a report that took number 59, to the police station and he also sent a complaint to the attorney general and the prosecution sent him to the hospital for being medically examined. El-sayed ended his talk by these words “I’m not because I’m saying right, and I know that anyone talks right these days, he’s assaulted”.

22 July

  1. The detective policemen stormed taxis stations in Balteem, and pulled three drivers on the ground, kidnapped them to the police station to fabricate some accusations to them. The story began when Officer Yasser El-kholy, who doesn`t work in Balteem investigation had gone with one of his relatives by his car, then the back of his car was hit by a taxi owned by Driver Sayed to cause deep scratches in the officer`s car. The officer got down from his car, insulted the driver, pulled him from his shirt, kicked him by the legs and hit him in his face. The drivers crowded around the officer so he escaped away. After about 15 minutes, people in Balteem station found a force form Balteem investigation (including first lieutenant Kamal Abdul-wahab and other seven informers in addition to the first lieutenant Yasser El-kholy) sweeping the place. Officer Yasser randomly caught one of the drivers and pulled out his pistol to hit him in his head violently using the back of the pistol, insulting the city and all people around. Then they pulled three of six drivers were around on the ground. (Facebook).
  2. Informers from Seedy Gaber police station chasing Tamer Mustafa after his report to the attorney general against the officer Ahmed Osman who is accused of getting involved in killing Khaled Said.
  3. The state security in Naklh police station failed to poison some of the security demanded people in the mid of Sinai, as they wanted to assassinate Salem Abu-lafi and Mussa El-dalah and their partners in Gabal El-halal and wadi El-omar regions. This raises so many suspicions and signs of how the system is going in terrorism to manage such assassination process that can kill a lot of people. And this also raises a question of what the Mubarak`s ministry of interior is working for after being a terrorist apparatus managing and committing dirty works that any other security apparatus in any other state can never do against citizens. (Inqaz Masr newspaper).

23 July

  1. The state security forces chased Dr. Ayman Nour last night in Damanhur after his visit to Muslim Brotherhood MPs bloc headquarters as he was participating in the political salon that was held under the title “the tools of change and the future of Egypt”. After few minutes of the meeting, the security forces threatened the owner of the café ordering him to drive Nour and his comrades out. Also the security forces cut the electricity, so all the attendants left the place to meet at Al-estenad square in Damanhur. The security forces, which went in huge number, tried to crack down the meeting that ended by Nour`s departure by 1 am. (Ekhwan Online).
  2. El-nadeem center was informed that the detainees in the case of Hizbullah cell had disappeared from Tura prison. The families of these detainees went to visit them as usual, but the prison management told them that their relatives do not exist in the prison. And when they asked about their place, the prison management answered them that they don`t know their place and they`re not in the prison. This is considered as an enforced disappearance violating all the international laws and conventions for human rights. El-nadeem center expresses his concern and worry about the disappearance of the sentenced especially that some reports told that they were detained in unknown places throughout the whole period of investigations and this means that they were detained in state security headquarters` and most probably they were subjected to violent torture, and that was what the accused persons told media as they were badly treated and tortured. The disappearance of the prisoners and denial of the prison management of knowing their place, raise high suspicions that they were brought again to the state security headquarters` and that represents a risk on their safety and lives. It`s also notable that their disappearance came after the ratification of the republic president on the governance.

24 July 2010

  1. Egyptian police shot and killed a Sudanese migrant seeking to cross the border into Israel on Saturday, security sources said. The 23 year-old migrant was shot in the chest after he ignored orders to stop and fled towards Israel from the central Sinai peninsula, the sources added. His body was taken to el-Arish hospital. Reuters

  2. Security agencies and the state security investigation branch banned a meeting of facebook youth in Luxor. The meeting was decided to be held at the officer`s club on Friday night as blogger Ahmad Gomaa Tawfiq called, but the meeting was banned for security reasons.

  3. A young man was beaten violently in Al-montazah police station in Alexandria.
  4. Message to our website: the accident happened four months ago when an investigation officer stood in front of one of the shops in Mashaal street, Ragby area, Al-mahala city. The shop`s owner and one of his relatives were sitting in front of the shop and suddenly a microbus stopped and an officer and a police informer got down to ask the owner`s relative to give them his ID card and insulted him so badly. Accidently, his cousin was passing by that place. He came to the officer demanding him to behave politely, and then the informers tied and led him to Al-mahala first police station. The victim had left his ID card at home before heading to the shop that is so near to his home. When they went and brought his ID to the officer, the officer threw the ID on the ground and took the young man to the police station to issue…. Al-dostor

25 July

  1. Musa Al-dalah, the activist in tribal affairs and the conference coordinator in Sinai, that the security forces were blocking the conference entrances in Wadi Al-omr village however they declared the conference to be peaceful. Also, Al-jazeerah channel staff was banned from passing Suiz canal over Al-salam Bridge to cover the conference where they were commenting on the minister previous declarations. Dream and Pharaohs channels were also banned. The security forces also banned the merchants and buyers from going to Al-barth market for the same reasons.
  2. Al-dostor newspaper knew from informed sources in the national council for human rights that the declaration of the report prepared by the council`s monitoring unit about Shoura elections was delayed due to the sharp criticism the report directed to the high committee supervising the elections, and the security agencies objection to what the report included. Those were the reasons for what the council had to delay the report declaration and to include it in its annual report that will be issued next year after the parliamentary elections. The sources told that a copy of the report was supposed to be sent to the state president to see it before declaring or sending to the media and after being signed by the council`s president, Dr. Boutros Ghali, to be published just before the state president decide to set the parliamentary deputies. But the security agencies objection to the report caused the delay of the report and to include it in the annual report, as they were afraid of the report to be used by the political opposition and the international organizations against the government and that may cause a negative impact on the upcoming parliamentary elections next November. The council`s members had accused the high committee, in the council`s meeting last month, of failure to issue observation licenses to the organizations which wanted to monitor elections. According to the council`s members, the report had counted all the defects in the electoral process and the committee`s failure to help the council monitoring the elections, and that was why some of the council`s members demanded a meeting with the minister, the NDP leaders and the high committee supervising the elections to discuss about the guarantees should be provided to the council to monitor the elections. Al-dostor newspaper tried several times to call the council`s general secretary, the ambassador Mahmud Karem, to ask him about the real cause that delayed the report, but he didn`t answer any of the calls. (Al-dostor).
  3. The military court in Dakahlia punishes a police officer of 15 days imprisonment after being accused of torturing Mohamed Salah Mahmud inside Bani-ebid police center.

26 July

  1. A police officers assaulted an Egyptian young man and his American girlfriend in Al-mokatam region at the dawn of this day. The victim is called Abdul-rahman Ashraf, a student in the cinema institute, he works as a directory for documentary films and
  2. Hisham Mubarak law center and Kefaya movement headquarters in downtown were surrounded by police formers. In addition, about 35 anti-torture demonstrators were detained. (Al-karamah newspaper).

27 July

  1. The 1st instance court hearing of Kaled Said`s case. Police forces assaulted the demonstrators, and the NDP thugs described the protestors as “traitors and Jews”. Police thugs and informers chased the protestors after the demonstration.
  2. 5 young activists who were wearing Al-baradee t-shirts were arrested in Awad-allah super market in Al-mansura half an hour ago. Please spread the news and inform lawyers if available. (Facebook).
  3. Gaber Al-sayed Abdul-galeel was a police victim who was tortured in Mina Al-basal police station in Alexandria in September 2007. After the investigation had been preserved, the victim’s family submitted a complaint to the general prosecutor to reinvestigate and to extract the victim`s body and to punish the torturers who killed him. Ibrahim Yahia, the victim`s family lawyer, confirmed that the victim`s family demanded the general prosecutor to extract the body to be examined by a tripartite forensic committee to confirm that the victim was tortured to death by the police station officers and informers who declared that Gaber Al-sayed had committed suicide by cutting his wrist arteries. (Al-dostor newspaper).
  4. The general prosecutor, the chancellor Abdul-mageed Mahmoud, decided to open investigations with colonel Abdul-aziz Rezq (Al-dekhela police station sheriff), the officer Amr Al-bendary (recently, the chief of the anti-drug investigation of west of Alexandria, and previously he was Al-dekhela investigation chief), the officer Ahmed Saad (the former investigation chief) captain Osama Al-shiekh, and police lieutenant Hani Gebara (Al-dekhela investigation assistants). The general prosecutor`s decision explained that it was proved by the investigations carried out by the general prosecutor`s office that the five officers had faked a criminal file to the citizen Ahmed Ismail, and sent their faked report to the minister of interior. Consequently, it was decided to detain this citizen for 22 months. (Source)

28 July 2010

  1. Mohamed Essam, Nasr city prosecutor, ordered calling two officers of the second Nasr city police station to hear their witnesses about the complaint submitted by an unemployed person accusing them of torturing him injuring him in his head and different parts in his body because his absence for a day from the period of observation after he was released from prison. Mamduh A. S. was (26 years) was unemployed and under observation in the second Nasr city police station, submitted a complaint to the second Nasr city prosecution accusing both officers of torturing him because of his absence for a day from observation in the period he was staying in the police station section, then both officers assaulted him using shoes and belts injuring him badly, causing a cut in his head and bruises in different parts in his body.
  2. The trial of Ahmed Seif, Gamal Eid and Amr Gharbia (the trial was adjourned to September 4).
  3. A high school student complained of the mistreatment from the guards and staff of universities office. The student Mustafa El-sayed said that a policeman entered the office and slapped his colleague on his face after a jangle between him and one of the office staff. The student said that he entered the office to convert into commerce faculty, Ain Shams University, the clerk quarreled with me, pushed me, and the office computer broke as a result. Then the policeman entered the office, slapped my colleague on his face and drove us out of the office.

29 July

  1. Ahmed Nassar, the lawyer of Nassar center for human rights in alexandria, submitted a complaint number 241 for 2010 to El-manshia prosecution against El-manshia police officer, Ahmed Galal, and his assistant as they had assaulted 3 girls and a political activist while they were demonstrating in solidarity with Khaled Said during the first session of Alexandria criminal court. The prosecution heard the witnesses of Esraa Abdul-hafez, Khadigah Abdul-megeed and Sarah Abdul-megeed, all are members in “my name is Khaled Said” facebook group, in addition to Hassan Mustafa who is a member in the national assembly for change. Nassar said that the prosecution ordered the victims to be submitted to the forensic, but officers prevented the victims from entering the court or the prosecution after the trial and the abrasions and bruises in their bodies were removed, and he confirmed that police assaulted victims by hands and sticks to disperse them after the protest. It should be noted that Alexandria criminal court decided the adjournment of Khaled Said case, in which sergeant Awad Isamail and policeman Mahmud El-Fattah are accused, till next September 25. (Source).

30 July

  1. Witnesses in Al-sahaby region, Aswan city, confirmed the existence of 4 heavily armed private cars nearby 20 homes to remove them after they forced their owners to accept the removal and informed the government agencies to implement the decision of removal. The witnesses also confirmed the electricity interruption from the region since 10 am and for some hours. A group of the region residents (including Thoma, Nada Mohamed Ismail, Meglea Agaiby Morkus, Hassan Malek Hamad, Yuman Ali Mohamed, and Raeesa Yusef) submitted a complaint to the public defender in Aswan, and demanded interference to stop destroying their homes. Some of the residents, who we had met, assured that they live in terror and they spent the last night, and all other nights, in an atmosphere of horror and tension as they’re afraid of being driven out of their homes. The local unit for housing of Aswan center and city in the governorate spread and distributed papers among the region residents (we got a copy of them) telling them that they`re going to have alternative housing units as compensations in “El-sadaqa el-gadida” region with unfair terms as everyone have to pay a sum of 12,000 pounds for each housing unit within 6 months, and to vow for the administrative detention of possessions in case of failure to pay, and to give back the housing unit without resorting to the competent government agencies, and no right to demand it back. Most residents confirmed their refusal to this contract as it`s not working for the public interest but in the interest of investors. They also said that they will stay in their places and will never leave whatever happens, as they will never be compensated in a fair manner. (Hamdy Taha: quoting from Hisham Mubarak, Aswan branch).

31 July

  1. A citizen in Aswan city accused an officer of hitting him causing a suspected brain concussion. The central Kom-ombo hospital in Aswan received Ahmed Mustafa Kenawy (33 years, an employee in the city antiques inspection) suffering a swelling in his front head. He issued a report accusing the chief of police of the floating in Kom-ombo, the officer Ahmed Salah Hussein, of assaulting and insulting him. “I was bringing a letter from the inspection office to the police of the floating to demand the owners of tourism bazaars to pay the fees. When I gave the letter to the officer Ahmed Salah, I was shocked that he was insulting me and my chief because the letter was unstamped. And when I objected to the insults, he assaulted and hit me on my head”, that`s what Ahmed Kenawy said in the police station report. The officer Ahmed Salah denied that he assaulted the inspection employee, and said “he brought the letter unstamped and badly written. I requested him to stamp the letter, but I was shocked that he told me “that’s what I have and I’ll do nothing”, that was what excited me to drive him out of the office, but without any assault.
  2. Only five months were left before the release of Hussein Mohamed Abdul-gawad El-gendy (35 years) who was sentenced in prison for 3 years and 6 months in Damanhur general prison (Al-abaadyah) in accusation of drug taking. Surprisingly, his family was informed by his death. The forensic report prepared by Dr. Mohamed Yusri Abdul-ghani Hassan, assured that the body is clear of any scratches, abrasions, bruises, fractures or any traces of poison or any criminal symptoms, while the death was caused by a decline in heart and circulatory system. It was recommended to transfer the body to Damanhur teaching hospital, but the prosecution decided to… then the forensic report assured that the victim is injured by 9 bruises, wounds and blood spills. All the injuries are in the regions of ears, the upper right side of face and neck and the upper side of chest, as a result of stroking with solid bodies. And the result was a result of the injury in his neck causing some fractures in the cartilages of larynx. His mother, Sabah Ghamri Ali Hassan, said, while she was crying, to Al-dostor newspaper “I can’t sleep, I don’t know who did that to my son, and I want to know why they did that to him… if he was son of a minister or anyone in charge, would they do that to him!!. They did that because he’s not”. Hossam (the victim’s son, 13 years old) said that he doesn’t know what his father did to be killed. Mohamed Bahnasy, the victim’s lawyer, assured to Al-dostor that the public opinion concerns this case, as it shows the degree of violence and torture that’s subjected to prisoners who are not helped even by doctors in the IPS, as they are told to write their reports without any transparency or neutrality. In addition that the case papers carry so many contradictions in the witnesses and the IPS investigations, and it shows what the ministry of interior, the institutions of civil society and the attorney general should stop, as what happened was strange and horrible, while the health inspector, Mohamed Yusri Abdol-ghany, is assuring that the death is natural and the body is clear of any injures, fractures, bruises or any poison traces and the death was caused by a decline in heart and circulatory system. Even stranger than this, is that he reported in the prosecution investigations that the body was subjected to an accurate examination took more than 10 minutes. Bahnasy assures that the inspector did that to hide the real causes of death and to deny the accusation about the prison management of killing. Also, the inspector’s fake report had been written down at 2 pm after the official work hours. Al-dostor.
  3. Three young men, who were riding a police vehicle in Dakahlia, attacked in a dark way while she was asking them about her right way. They kidnapped her and raped her sexually one after another, stole a sum of 1000 L.E and her mobile phone and escaped away. Talkha prosecution continues its investigation around the accident after the victim accused the police of covering up what happened by writing down false without writing that what happened was inside the police vehicle. The victim (50 years old, a nurse in the health insurance) assured in her witness, in front of the prosecutor Ahmed Sleem, that she missed the road to Sharankash village to pay the rent of a new apartment, and she turned back to ask about the right way to the village. She found a police vehicle, thought that it’s safe to ask them. And when she asked about the road, a young man came to her telling her that he’s a policeman and told her to give him her ID and licenses and to take off the car to talk to the officer. Then when she went to him she was surprised by his dirty behavior and he pushed her inside the vehicle, they totally controlled my movement and raped me then pushed me out of the car. And when she turned back to her car, she found that they stole all she had and then escaped away. She went back to her home then to the PSD. The detective chief decided to go to the accident place where she found and recognized the officer and knew that his name is Sameh, he claimed that he urinated on himself and wanted to change his clothes, and after 15 minutes the officer told her that Sameh has escaped from him and he’s the only available evidence to guide them to the other criminals. The general attorney decided to show the victim to the forensic to examine and determine her injuries, in addition to arrest Sameh Mahmoud Mohamed and find out his partners. A report number 10349 of year 2010| Talkha, was issued. Al-dostor.
  4. A policeman called Ashraf Abo-taleb kidnapped four citizens from El-nigeelah village, sending them to the state security headquarters in Badr center in accusation of signing on the seven democratic demands petition approved by the Muslim brotherhood, the national Egyptian political forces and Dr. Mohamed El-baradee. The four kidnapped persons were Abo-elsoud Atef Al-shishiny, Ragab Mabrouk Gad, Amr Ismaeel Al-gedawy and Ragab Mohamed Kamel Abo-elsayed. (Bouhira MBPs media office).
  5. Galal Fathi Galal Mahmud’s dead body was found. Galal was a 40 year old farmer who was a pre-trial prisoner in El-fashn center prison in Bani-swif governorate, in accusation of killing. The prosecution still investigates about the causes of Galal’s death. (Al-Ahrar newspaper).

To be continued…

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