El Nadeem Center against Violence and Torture

Back for Vengeance!

A record set by the Egyptian security forces in the abuse of torture of citizens after a halt where torture was only practiced by the military police. The institutions differed whereas the torture remained, as if the revolution had not been on January 25, the police day in particular to send a clear message that the Egyptian people are tired of humiliation, torture and prosecution while the oppressors enjoy security, immunity and protections of the prosecution and the law.

Is the ministry of interior avenging itself? Or is it competing with the military police in oppressing Egyptians and torturing them? Or was the freedom enjoyed by the officers accused in killing demonstrators during the revolution a message to all police officers that there will not be consequences, that they will enjoy civil trials without limiting their freedoms and without even suspending them?

Within three weeks four citizens were killed, two drivers, a student of law, and a student in high-school, a driver and his son were tortured in Dokki Police Station and a student in the faculty of pharmacy in Alexandria lost one of his eye to a bullet of a police officer, and the intestines of a tuk-tuk driver were removed after he was shot by a police officer in his stomach. Along with the torture of another and dangling him on the cell door for two days. And a police official called Emad Hammush in Kom Hamada police station in Al-Beheria governorate fires at a civilian in his abdomen during a quarrel between them, alongside with the death of a citizen in effect of a fire arm, and the arrest of Mai Metwally ElSayed Metwally (a citizen) who was also subjected to beating by the traffic police before being handed to the military police and from there transferred to a military trial. Moreover, the detention of Mostafa Almarsfawy for 3 hours in Nasr City police station before being transferred to the hospital despite the aggravated injury in his eye and suffering a hemorrhage as a result of being beaten in his face and back by students from Al-Azhar and having a report filed against him that he instigated the a car driver to collide with them.

Besides arresting peasants and workers who were staging a peaceful sit-in in front of the council of ministers and detaining them in Al-Moski police station, then extending their detention for 15 days, whereas the ideal police student published a poem on his facebook page passed on by the press where he threats the Egyptian people with upcoming dark days and being beaten like they were used to, and then he publishes an explicit threat to the singer of the revolution Ramy Essam. There hadn’t been a disclaimer from the ministry of interior or SCAF, and not even an apology and no decision from Al-Issawi (minister of interior) to expel this ideal student or referring him to psychological rehabilitation for adjusting his behavior and dealing with the magnitude of violence and hatred he carries towards the people whom he should be entrusted with their protection.

And last but not least, the appearance of unidentified corpses, which were announced while being buried as martyrs of the revolution to be revealed later on, on account of the vice-president of  the forensic association that 17 of these bodies were dressed in the prison’s uniform. Afterwards we read in Shorouk-News that more bodies are on their way to Zeinhom Morgue, which evokes in our minds the testimonies of the survivors of torture in the military prison about a number of bodies for prisoners who escaped or were forced to escape by the prison administration before being shot and carried away in prison cars.

Where do these bodies come from? Why weren’t they announced for those who lost their sons to try to identify them? Why does the morgue refuse testing their DNA to identify them? And whose orders is it to overwhelm our country with torture and death resulting from torture and random firing at citizen?

On the other hand, SCAF’s statements talk about the current state of insecurity. Does it mean to lose control over the security? Or losing control over the security men?

We hereby remind those in power, whether they were from SCAF or the ministry of interior that Egyptians revolted, lost martyrs and endured all sorts of fire-arms and humiliation either in the Egyptian museum, military prisons or all the other places of detention to liberate Egypt from tyranny of all forms. Regardless of the uniform worn by the executors, we also remind them that crimes of torture are not time-barred, and that the people who once revolted, first targeted the locations of torture in police stations and state security headquarters, will not hesitate to revolt again and again till they rid of all the tools of oppression.

The revolution has begun, and it is not over yet, there is no room to talk about the triumph of the revolution without purifying all institutions and ruling parties starting with the institutions of police and army, and if the revolution had succeeded in forcing the supreme council of both entities to step down, then the least of demands is to cleanse both entities from the followers of the ousted president and the executors of his policy.

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