El Nadeem Center against Violence and Torture

Urgent: Lives of people detained in Tora prison in danger

Tora prison administration refuses to “investigate” the transfer of the patients and the injured to the hospital to complete their treatment and continues to hold them in poor conditions which might endanger their lives after being assaulted through beating and gunfire which caused serious injuries to them.

Mina Adel Anis, 19 years old was assaulted in Tahrir Square on 17/12/2011 where he was passing by the square coincidently as he was heading downtown to shop for new shoes. He was brutally beaten by the forces of the military police which resulted in bruises and blood concentration all over his body and fractures in his right arm which required an installment of chips and medical nails in the military hospital “alqobba”.

In the third day after his surgery he was accompanied to New Cairo by two soliders to with the claim of resuming investigations to find himself accused in the case of the events of the council of ministers.  Even though the prosecutor released him the soliders detained him in a police station to be re-submitted again and a judgment was passed to imprison him for 30 days pending trial. Mina was situated in the prison of Cairo Security Station – the department of dangerous criminals- where he was deprived from hospitalization despite the excruciating pains resulting from the surgery. Mina was transferred from the security station to Torah Prison to be placed in a cell and not in the prison hospital, deprived of his right to treatment.

Muhannad Samir Moselehy, the second victim, who suffered  a bullet wound in his right thigh on December 20 through gunshots. The fire-arm caused a cut in one of the main arteries of the sigh. He was taken to the hospital “Alhelal” where he underwent the necessary surgeries and stayed in the hospital for 10 days as he had liquidity in blood which threatened his life especially with the arteries injured.

Investigations with Muhannad were held at the hospital where he charged Field Marshal Tantawi for damages to his injuries. Which probably caused the developments; on January 9 2012, two soldiers came to accompany him to Azbakia station to recognize who fired the the gunshots, only to find himself in the Cairo Security Administration where he was detained for three days deprived of food, drink and treatment. He was subjected to abuse and beating until he was transferred to Torah prison on grounds of investigation. Nadeem Center learned that the judge of investigations refused to place him in the hospital to get the required treatment.

Al-Nadeem Center condemns the assault on civilians and their torture and ill-treatment them which is in violation of domestic and international laws. Al-Nadeem also rejects the deprivation of the detainees of their right to treatment. It holds the Investigation officials and Prison Torah officials responsible for any complications or endangerment of the health of Mina and Muhannad. It demands their quick transfer to the hospital in a manner that suits their current health state.

In addition to that Al-nadeem demands allowing a delegation of doctors and lawyers to visit to the detainees in Torah Prison and to investigate their health and provide the necessary medical and legal support and document the violations of which the detainees underwent.

Copies of this document were sent to:-

Mr. Minister of Justice
Attorney General Counsel
Counselor President of the Court of Appeal
Judicial Inspection
Prison Department
Syndicate of Doctors
Minister of Health


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